Gastric Sleeve FAQ

What happens on the day of my surgery?

You will see several doctors before the procedure. The preoperative tests consist of examinations blood tests, urine analysis, X-Rays, Ultrasound, ECG, respiratory function test, endoscopy and consultations with anaesthetist, cardiologist, chest doctor, internal medicine consultant and psychiatrist.

What is the food plan after sleeve surgery?

Your first stage will be liquids (2 weeks from day of discharge) then onto puree stage (2 weeks) and then soft solid food and slowly introducing new foods. If foods are disagreeing then stop and try again 2 or 3 weeks later.

How many days after Sleeve surgery can I fly home?

You will stay for 3 nights in the hospital after surgery and are able to fly home on the 4th day. But our package includes 1 night in a hotel.

When can I start to have alcohol?

You can start to drink alcohol after 6 weeks but it isn’t a good idea to have fizzy drinks as they can cause gas and may cause pain so it is better to choose soft drinks like orange/cranberry juice etc as a mixer.
And remember that you will feel the effects of alcohol much more quickly than before

What is the recovery time after Sleeve surgery?

Most patients have a very fast recovery and after 3 days in hospital return to their normal daily activities as the Sleeve Surgery is a keyhole procedure.

Are we allowed, ice cream/ice pops/lollies on puree stage after Sleeve surgery?

Yes but have the sugar free varieties.

How long after sleeve surgery do I have to wait before getting pregnant?

We recommend that you wait 1 year before getting pregnant.

Why do I need to use Collagen un-flavoured Protein Powder?

Un-flavoured Collagen Protein Powder is perfect to mix in soups, drinks etc and is an excellant way to increase your protein intake.

What does my BMI need to be so I can get Sleeve surgery?

Your BMI needs to be 30 or over

What is included in the Sleeve Package?

Our gastric sleeve package is the sleeve operation including all tests, transfers 3/4 nights in hospital depending on arrival time and 1 night in a hotel.

What medication do I need to get after my surgery?

The post-op pack which is supplied to you before being discharged from the hospital consists of tummy protectors, blood thinning injections, vitamins etc. and costs in the region of £170/€190 depending on your prescription and surgeon. PRICE SHOULD BE £120/140 EURO. Full instructions on how to take your medications are given in your postop medicine pack.

How much weight will I lose on average after Sleeve surgery?

Most gastric sleeve patients lose up to 70% of their excess weight in a year and up to 80% of it in two years.

How does Sleeve surgery work?

The gastric sleeve is a restrictive procedure, meaning that it achieves weight loss by restricting the amount of food that can be eaten. It also works because it removes the part of the stomach that produces the hormone Ghrelin that stimulates appetite and hunger. The elimination of Ghrelin results in a significant reduction or loss of appetite. Surgery combined with changing behaviour is a proven method of achieving long-term weight loss for obese people.

Are there specific foods that I will not be able to eat after surgery?

Some people find it difficult to tolerate some foods, and this varies from person to person. Common foods initially known to cause problems may be dry meat, soft white bread, rice, stringy or very fibrous vegetables, salad, sweetcorn, nuts, dried fruit and seeds. If you can not tolerate a particular food, try it again in a few weeks’ time, there is a lot of adaptation in the first few months.

When can I have sexual intercourse after my Sleeve surgery?

Each person is different but we recommend to wait 2 -3 weeks after surgery.

Can I have my Gall Bladder removed at the same time as my sleeve surgery?

Yes if during your pre op tests it is discovered that you have gall stones and the Dr thinks it is neccasary to remove it then it can be done at the same time with an additional cost.

Do I need to stop taking any of my medications before my sleeve surgery?

This depends on what medications you are taking so a member of our team will advise you.

How do I take my tummy protectors?

To be taken whole on an empty stomach

Is there anything I should know that will help in my preparation before I come for surgery?

You should have realistic expectations as you are having surgery in a foreign country and you will need to have a postive mind which helps with recovery. If you drink alot of coffee then try and reduce coffee intake a week before to help with withdrawal headaches which some patients may suffer from after surgery.


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